Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My weekend via iPhone

Touring Model Homes

Celebrating that Abbie is on the PGA Latin American tour

Taking naps with Bunks

Up close with  Sheryl Crow

Eating dark chocolate candy hearts

Shopping at Marshalls for wedding stuff 
(and finding Never-nudes on clearance $15!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Have you met my FIANCE?

Today I was telling someone a story about us and I used the word FIANCE to describe Abbie.
For some reason it feels so strange to use that word.
It feels pretentious .

I guess there are only a few days in my lifetime where he is my fiance
so I've made the decision to try and use that word as much as possible from here on out.

(btw- I have no idea whose hand is reaching out for my buns)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hello Friends

Long time no read.

it has been about a month now
time to finally write a re-cap
 for the marathon that I worked so hard for

Abbie and I drove to Orlando two days before the race
 and stayed at a beautiful timeshare

we did the Disney Expo thing
as well as lots of resting and mentally preparation for the big day

Abbie was great enough to wake up at 3:00am 
and together we made our way to EPCOT
where we hung out about 2 hours before the start of the race.  

The good and bad thing about Disney races is that there are soooooo many people that attend.  And a good portion of these people dress up and really get into the costume-y side of the event
It's entertaining to say the least

For about the first 8 miles of the race, the path was really narrow and there were many walkers and may people stopping short to take pictures of the theme parks and/or the Disney characters that are along the path.  I had the same problem at the Princess 1/2 marathon 2 years ago.  I should have learned by putting myself in a higher coral.  It really hurt my time as I was running 12 minute miles for the whole first portion of the race.  It was extremely frustrating

On the plus side, I felt like I had loads of energy
hence my pose for Abbie's camera
(it's all about the form)

Around mile 18 
the sun came out
and it got
hot, hot, hot!

I hit a wall around mile 21 and really just wanted to be done

without making too many excuses
the heat, the crowd and a bathroom break really hindered my running
I honestly felt like I could have made my goal of 4:30 if those conditions were better
but I ended up with a 5:02 finish.

(side note- my Garmin read that I ran 26.68  miles)

Overall, I am SO very happy that I ran the marathon

I'm taking a hiatus from running for a bit,
but I am definitely doing this again
but next time I am hitting my goal!
(In the meantime...I think I need to work on my tan)