About Me

Random Info about me:

I consider myself to be a sarcastic Buddhist- although I am not sure if that is possible- as all other Buddhist I know are super happy and haven’t an ounce of sarcasm to spill.

 I love lists- I write and rewrite them daily.

 I believe everyone should adopt a shelter dog- they are as good- if not better - than any purebred dog (not that I have anything against purebred dogs- or any animal for that matter).

Sometimes I can be a slave to CBS’s TV lineup.

 If I could have a super power it would be to cast wind around me- for no practical purposes- I just LOVE a windy day- it makes me so happy.  

I am passionate about my boyfriend,

 the beach, 


my job,
my friends

popcorn and wine,

my family,

 sexy shoes and Publix (though not in that order).