Monday, November 30, 2009

Rut rut rut

Having these past 4 days off have been so wonderful. Abbie's family flew down, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.


This weekend Abbie and I got to spend time together.


(he lost at pool- hence the blue nose)

As soon as I walked through my office today though- BAM! I felt like I was in a rut. I love my job- I really do, but lately it just seems so... boring. After much thought- I've decided that A- I'm going to rearrange my office (move my desk, put up new pictures, etc) and B- I'm going to create a schedule for work. An hour by hour TO DO list so that I won't get so bored/ran down with the same old tasks.

When I walked throught the doors of my gym today I felt the same thing- rut, rut, rut. I need new workouts ASAP. Good thing I subscribe to every freaking health and fitness magazine out there!


Tomorrow (I ran out of time today) I am going to go through my pile of old magazine and cut out some new workout moves. I'll probably try them at home so I can get the form down without feeling so self concious at the gym.

*** side note*** at my gym the "open floor/free weights/stability ball area" is always being used by personal trainers. Is it just me or does everyone else who is NOT with a personal trainer feel like they are being judged? I know I should not ever care what people think of me- especially if I am at the gym- because hell- at least I AM in a gym working out. But there is somethign about personal trainers that completely intimidate me and keep me from trying new stuff. lame i know. but this blog is about honesty right?

today's eats:
  •  bfast- 1 egg, 2 Bisquick lowfat biscuits (make with almond milk)
** I had a picture for this but it just looked so bland and blah**
  • coffee
  • snack #1- apple
    • apple crisp chips 
  • Lunch- Turkey, 1 biscuit, teeny tiny bit of mac and cheese
  • snack #2- 3 pickles
    • celery with low fat ranch (not much ranch) 
  • Dinner- Taco surprise- black beans, organic salsa, tomatoes, taco seasoning, organic corn chips, teeny tiny bit of cheese (mmmmmloadedwithdelicious)
  • Fruit/veggie count- #4.5

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I just go with the flow

On the list of Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say- “I just go with the flow.” Is one of them.

Abbie’s family is visiting for Thanksgiving. They are so unbelievably chill and I know they are just happy to be here in the nice FL weather- but I am off my rocker worrying about EVERYTHING!
·         I’m so embarrassed there is fur all over the backseat of my car
·         Is my house clean enough?
·         Did they like dinner?
·         Am I cheap for purchasing pre sliced cheese with wheat thins as appetizers?
·         Worry
·         Worry
·         Worry

Sometimes it’s hard to be me with this damn monkey brain.

Thank God for wine.

Today’s eats:

  • Bfast- 1 egg, ww Arnold thin, 1 slice cheese
    • Coffee
  • Snack #1- apple, another coffee
  • Lunch: ww Arnold thin, turkey, 1 slice cheese, spinach
    • carrots
  • Snack #3- pickles
  • Snack #4- Wheat thins,  cheese, 2 glasses wine
  • Dinner- 1 Texas toast, spaghetti (only had a little- not a big fan of spaghetti)
  • Fruit/Veggie count #3

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drinking around the world

Work has had me so burnt out lately. I was so happy to be able to see my best friend Jen this weekend in Orlando- although the trip took a toll on both my liver and bank account- it was some much needed fun and girl time.  The only vegetable I ate was an apple and this grilled veggie sammy I bought at MGM.

It was downhill from there as we drank around the world at EPCOT:

I ate yummy bad-for- you popcorn

And ended the night with this double cheese lard ass burger and thunder thighs fries.

My friend asked me about my blog and how things were going. She specifically asked “what have you given up?” By the looks of my blog I would have to say not very much. It occurs to me that this blog was supposed to help me try harder to eat healthy and I’ve really just been eating the same. I make excuses for “celebrations” but if I really want to make things happen I simply need to try harder.  This week will be a good test as I have Abbie’s family in town and it is the biggest “Pig Out” holiday of the year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm all growns up

I find that there are somethings in life that make me feel like an adult. Sure, I own my car and condo. I run a startup company. I graduated from college (with honors) and have been paying my own bills since I was 18 years old... but sometimes there are events that make me feel like an adult. Like buying our very first houseplant.

Isn't she a beauty?

Funny thing is- I am so excited for this weekend coming up so that I DO NOT have to feel like an adult. My BFF is coming home to visit her family and I am going up to see her. Here we are - 2 girls- pushing 30- getting excited for our sleepover at her mother's house followed by a day of Disney and foolishness like:

Action Camera shots:

Stealing the Hat Lady's hats:

Cramming into a phone booth:

Participating in Peer Pressure:

And sword fiighting:

Can't wait!

**Hi Kate!**

Todays Eats:
  • Bfast- WW arnold thin, 1 egg, 1 cheese
    • still hungry so I had 2 pc white bread (out of the arnold thins) and another piece of cheese
  • Snack #1- coffee
    • 1 apple and cashews

  • Lunch- 3 pickles- I know this sounds crazy but I just wasn't that hungry
  • Snack #2- Kashi granola
    • ANOTHER coffee

  • Dinner- salad with cukes and spinach/ vinegar dressing

    • WW pasta with low fat cottage cheese, basil, lemon peel (loaded and very light) there is just no way this was going to look good on camera
  • Fruit/Veggie Count- 4
  • Workout- Upper body with intervals (50 min)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Play that funky music

I’m feeling oh-so-unoriginal today. Nothing big happened so I really do not have much to blog about. One big thing for me today (but not so exciting) is that I went back to my old gym. I’ve been working out at another gym the past two weeks and it is so nice to be back- sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came… *** Sing with me!***

I also lifted today which I haven’t done in 2 weeks. I decided to ease back into my workouts by just doing cardio. Lifting weights is way more fun though.

To get into the gym spirit I added 4 new songs to my “Move your Ass” playlist on my ipod two of them being Patron Tequila and She wolf – which totally got me pumped to workout.  Here is a snapshot of the other songs on my playlist

I HAVE to have good music to workout. The problem is that I get so tired of the songs I have so fast. Example: I made the mistake of adding Lady Gaga to my iPod when she first came out. Now I want to stab my ears every time I hear po- po- po- po-ker face – po-po-ker face!  What I really need is Pandora – Best. Invention. Ever.

Here are today’s eats:

  • Bfast- 2 egg whites, WW Arnold thins, 1 cheese, 1 coffee
  • Snack #1- Green Monster  wheat cookie

  • Lunch- plain tuna with 2 pickles 
    •  greek yogurt with Kashi granola
  • Snack #2- carrots and hummus
    • green tea
  • Dinner- WW pasta with peppers 
    • spinach salad with balsamic, pinenuts and craisins
    • 1 glass of red wine

  • Fruit/Veggie count # 6
  • Workout- Lowerbody- abs 45 mins.

I’m taking part in OhSheGlows  Whittle My Middle challenge

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chocolate chip crap

I’m baaaack! With Internet service and all! This weekend was my father’s birthday so it included things like- a very large grilled steak, cheese burgers, fries, margaritas, wine, “dirt pie”, and drinking a whole bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka- oh and moonshine- that’s right folks- that’s how we do it in the south.

My mother gave me a copy of one of her vegetarian magazines- full of awesome recipes that I can’t wait to try. I attempted one last night- a “healthy” chocolate chip cookie. What a bunch of crap that thing turned out to be.
  • Milk
  • Canola oil
  • Brown sugar
  • Wheat flour
  • Chocolate chips
  • 1 egg
The picture would lead me to believe the cookies will look like this:

In actuality they look like this:

And they taste NOTHING like the warm, gooey, loadedwithdelicious Nestle Tollhouse cookies- more like wheat bread with some chocolate in it. Don’t get me wrong- I still ate them. But still. What a let down.

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- 2 egg whites, ww arnold thins, 1/2 slice cheese
    • Green Monster: 1 banana, spinach, almond milk, strawberries, flax seed
  • snack #1- greek yogurt with Kashi granola
  • Lunch- Turkey sandwhich with mayo, tom, lettuce and 1/2 bag BBQ baked chips
  • snack #2- carrots and hummus
  • Dinner- Tomato soup with 1 slice cheese 
    • spinach salad with balsamic, pine nuts, and craisins
  • Fruit/Veggie count- 6

    ** I'm reading the Vegetarian magazine and say to my boyfriend "I really want to be a vegetarian." Boyfriend is visibly upset and says "please no. I don't want us to never have meat for dinner- that is just too hard."

    I guess I shouldn't tell him that we haven't bought or cooked meat for about 3 weeks now. (not counting fish)

    Monday, November 9, 2009

    Brace yourself!

    One year ago today I went from this:

    Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
    (brace face)
    to this:

    (all smiles)

    Getting braces was something that I've wanted since the "permanents" grew in. being an adult with braces SUCKED big time and was incredibly embarrassing sitting in the orthodontist's waiting room with a bunch of elementary school kids.
    But in the end it was totally worth it. I am so happy with my smile.

    Today is also baby girl's 4th birthday.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    I LOVE veggies - no for real - I do!

    So I am totally into The Secret and believing thoughts become things. I told Abbie that I am just going to keep saying out loud, to myself, and to the blog world that I LOVE ME SOME VEGGIES! Then perhaps it will just magically happen and I will actually love them. (does it work that way?)

    Like- don't these just look yummy as hell?

    Or these? I mean- I can eat these the live long day

    And These:

    Shoot- how did those get in there? Man... Zebra cakes sure are loaded. I could totally eat a whole box in a day.

    Will it ever be easy to just always make the healthy choice- or at least make the healthy choice 80% of the time?

    I ended up missing the gym yesterday too- which kind of bums me out. I did however, manage to pass up an invitation to Chilis for dinner. And for anyone that knows me- that is a HUGE deal. I LOVE Chilis more than Michael Scott (any Office fans out there?). You just can't go wrong with anything on their menu - unless of course you are trying to be healthy. ha.

     Today's eats-

    • Bfast- 2 eggs, little bit of cheese, WW Arnold thins
    • Snack #1- POM with handful of cashews
    • Lunch- left over veggie WW thin crust pizza
    • Snack #2- banana bread Larabar
    • Dinner-
    • Fruit/Veggie count: 

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    Eat Cocoa Krispies to boost your immunity!

    Feel like you are getting a cold? Feeling run down and tired? Well give your body the Immunity Boost it needs with a heaping bowl of Cocoa Krispies!

    I had a good laugh this morning watching the Today Show. They did a segment questioning Kellog’s claims that its Cocoa Krispies cereal can boost your immune system. Even a health idiot like myself knows that this can’t be good for your kid. I cannot see any parent pushing their cart full of brats down the cereal aisle and picking up a box of CHOCOLATE covered cereal for its health benefits!  Pretty funny they had to waste 2 minutes talking about it on TV.

    Moving on… Today felt so incredibly LONG. My new schedule is killing me- work, walk dog, workout, make dinner. I don’t sit down until 8:30/9:00 at night! Life was so much easier when I stopped caring about working out. Ha.

    Ok so here are today’s eats:

    • Bfast- 2 eggs with WW Arnold thins
    • Snack #1- Green Monster
    • Lunch- turkey wrap with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes (no cheese or mayo)
    • Snack #2- apple
    • Dinner- spinach salad with vingar and cherry tomatoes
      • Homemade pizza- thin WW pizza crust with organic sauce, cheese, red, green and red peppers and mushrooms (very good!)

    My Slice

    • Fruit/Veggie count: 5
    • Workout- 45 minutes of cardio
    ** just a side note on the pizza- I would be out of my mind to say that this pizza was as good or better than my favorite pepperoni and cheese Hungry Howies pizza- but in all honesty it wasn't THAT bad. Definitely something I could get use to.

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Weekend Celebration

    Weekend Recap
    ·         Saturday – Florida played Georgia- needed to celebrate with 6 Bud Select 55.
    • ·         Saturday- Florida BEATS Georgia- celebrated even more with 6 more Bud Select 55 (alcohol content on these is 2.4% a regular beer is 4%- just an FYI)

    • ·         Sunday – was a beautiful day that needed to be celebrated-  I found this perfect location on the water- where we enjoyed mojitos and bruschetta- LOADED.

    • ·         Sunday afternoon- Around 4pm we decided that we wanted to paint our guest/yoga/meditation/office- something I’ve been DYING to do since we’ve moved in. We were ½ way complete and decided to celebrate with a bottle of wine.
    • ·         Sunday night- wine was so delicious that we decided to celebrate with POM blueberry and vodka
    All of this celebration leads me to this awesome hangover I am working through today.

    Sorry I was a bad blogger again and didn’t take pics of any of the weekend eats. This week we will finally have the Internet at our place and it’ll make it so much easier to blog.

    I won’t lie- today has been rough. Just can’t bounce back like I use to. Fortunately I have resisted all urges to run to BK for a bacon double cheeseburger with fries…. Let’s hope I hold out.

    I’ve been nursing this hangover with lots of carbs today. Today’s Eats-
    • ·         Bfast- 2 eggs with Arnold thin and coffee
    • ·         Snack#1- 1 WWpita with cream cheese (all I wanted was bread and cheese)
    • ·         Snack #1.5- Green Monster

    • ·         Lunch- ½ sub from this weekend- wheat, turkey, cuke, let, tom, pickels (no cheese or mayo)
    • ·         Snack #2- granola
    • ·         Dinner- Scallops with zucchini and wwpasta- sooooo good!

    Fruit/Veggie Count: 4
    Workout- 45 cardio
    Ok- no more celebrating... starting.... NOW!