Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend with my solemates

My BBF Jen came to visit me this weekend which was perfect because it was also mine and Abbie’s 2 year anniversary. Jen was there the night abbie and I met

 and 2 years later we all meet again (minus these dudes).

To celebrate our 2 years abbie and I had some sushi (no rice for me though)

and Sake

He also bought me my favorite flowers.

With Jen in town we hit up the beach and drank many bottles of wine.

I love ya Bestie- can’t wait to see you and Stephanie in Texas this summer!

Today's Eats-
  • bfast- 2 veggie sausages one ww mini bagel, tea
  • snack #1- coffee with biscotti
  • Lunch- Turkey on WW bread, hummus,carrot chips and Green sludge

Friday, March 26, 2010

I pity the fool

This day has been full of embarrassments- beginning with an awesome spill I took in the hallway this morning on my way to work. (thank you Claudia for the slippery ass gold shoes!)

Followed by and incredibly awkward business conversation and a stupid LinkedIn misunderstanding.
Is there really anything worse than feeling embarrassed? Especially at work. I don’t like to be embarrassed and most of all I don’t want others to be embarrassed around me.

Fortunately most of my humiliating moments are not Cosmo worthy- they are usually just bad enough for me to harp on them all freaking day. Is anyone else like this?

As bad as today was though- nothing beats the time a potential investor called the office mistaking me for an Ashley he met the night before. We continued to have the most confusing conversation-

With him thinking I am a girl he met

And me thinking he’s asking very strange questions

Did I sleep well? Yeah, Um, I guess.

 I was so embarrassed for the both of us that I couldn’t muster up the courage after 3 minutes of uncomfortable conversation to tell him that he had the wrong Ashley. I just got off the phone as soon as possible.

Minutes later we received a call from the Marriott wanting an address to deliver a dozen roses to “Ashley”.  When we told Marriott it was the wrong Ashley the Investor called back to apologize.
He was a really good sport about it all in the end. I still get red in the face thinking about it though.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Ashley

Sometimes I get so frustrated with how far I have to go that I forget how far I have come.
My Subway (eat fresh) order

 Ashley of yore:
6” Italian Herb and cheese
American Cheese

 Ashley 2010
6” Wheat

Something that will probably never change: Doritos with Sandwich. (they are my weakness)

Give it up for progress yo!

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- ww mini bagel with almond butter, 1 coffee, strawberries, 1 banana, 1 kiwi
  • Snack #1- Mary's Crackers with Hummus
  • Lunch- Subway (above)
  • Snack #2- nothing
  • Dinner-
  • Workout- BodyPump
  • Fruit/Veggie: 3

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

See Saw Six? I don't think so

This was the scene in my house this weekend. 
Two games on. Brackets on the table.
I have a lot riding on this. If I win I get an hour long massage.
If he wins I have to watch Saw VI.

So as you can see... basketball has never been more important to me.
This weekend we also had a nice little date night- we went to see Cirque Dreams.
All in all it was a great weekend.
So I found out that I am a week behind on my training schedule. So now I have to run 5 miles this weekend instead of 4.5.
Also- word the wise
Never, ever, ever
map out in your car how far you have to run. I mapped out how long 6 miles is now I am scared out of my mind! I did the same for the half marathon.
A half marathon is the same as me driving all the way to work. It takes me 30 minutes to get to work by car! holy heck what did I get myself into?

Today’s Eats:
  • Bfast- 1 egg white, ww mini bagel, ½ slice of Horizon cheese, 2 coffees, organic applesauce
  • Snack- handful of whole cashews and handful of PB Puffins
  • Lunch- Turkey sandwich, mayo, lettuce, tomato, kettle bbq chips
  • Snack #2-  Mary’s Crackers
  • Dinner- ½ spaghetti squash with sundried tomatoes, little bit of olive oil and glass red wine
  • Fruit Veggie count: 4
  • Workout: 45 min spin class

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So I'm all poetry and no show. 
In the name of youth I demanded that Abbie take me for A drink. So we went to the local Irish bar- McChillis.
I had (2) of these margaritas (the Irish would drink these if they knew what was good for them!)
and had this for dinner:
Chicken caesar no croutons dressing on side. The chicken was so spicy no good.

Abbie was a true party boy and went to the bar with our neighbor last night while the babies and I called it a night by 10:30pm.

** Bunkie got really sick last night and left "presents" all over the house. I was a bad mom that switched her food without gradually weening her off of the old food :-( . A vet visit and $100 later she is doing much better.

Today's Eats:
  •  bfast- mini ww bagel with almond butter, strawberries, 1 banana, 2 coffees
  • Snack #1- organic pear, mary's herbed crackers and hummus
  • Lunch- publix brown rice sushi
  • Dinner-
  • Fruit/Veggie: 3 so far
  • Workout: Body Pump 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The luck of the Irish?

** A little St. Patty's Day Poetry for you**

Who says the Irish have great luck?
St. Patty’s Day on a Wednesday? WTF?!
Now there is a decision for all of us to weigh
Be hung-over at work, or call in sick the next day

For no one can resist that special time of year
Of car bombs and baileys and pitchers of green beer

A Guinness in your hand leprechauns at your heels
Tonight we become O’Malley’s, Murphy’s, and O’Neil’s

With dudes in kilts and chicks in green
Beer flows like wine- it’s a boozer’s dream

So get a note from your mother or have the doctor call
Or just tell your boss to join in the pub crawl

One thing for certain I'm going out
Kiss me I’m Irish! And pour me some stout!

Special thanks to my co writer- Jennie McRonda

Today's Eats:
  • Bfast- ww mini bagel with almond butter, strawberries and a banana, 2 coffees
  • Snack- mary's crackers with hummus
  • Lunch- caesar salad with croutons
  • Snck #2- natrual cashews
  • Dinner- Chilis caesar salad, 2 margaritas
  • Fruit/Veggies: 5
  • Workout: ran 4 miles! woot!woot!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brothers gotta hug

This weekend I went home because my brother was visiting. It has been over a year since I’ve seen him.
It felt really great being with my family again. 

Every time I go home- I feel like I am reminded of who I am and who I want to be.
But  I always leave feeling a little sad. Leaving home is the only time I miss being younger and being around my family all of the time. Life gets in the way now and we hardly see each other as much as we want to. I tried to soak up every minute of it all.

Ok... enough of this mushy crap.

Along with catching up and reminiscing - there was also a lot of boozing and eating junk food
(chips, great big steak, Denny’s breakfast)

My body needs some veggies fo sho

My brother and I have also decided that we are going to run in the VA Beach Rock and Roll half marathon
I have 7 months to train.

This might be a stupid idea considering I haven’t even ran my 10k yet, but running a  half marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do and this is the perfect opportunity.

Yesterday’s eats:
  • bfast- ww mini bagel with almond butter, organic applesauce, coffee
  • Snack #1 – Baked Snap Peas
  • Lunch- Brown rice sushi
  • Snack #2- Rabits granola bar
  • Dinner- Publix WW Wrap, lettuce, turkey, tomatoe, pickels, peppers, oil and vinegar, Oil and Vinegar chips Acai Drink (Drink was just OK) click HERE to learn about the Acai berry
Today’s Eats:

  • Bfast- strawberries, 1 banana, ww mini bagel with almond butter, 2 coffees
  • Snack #1- Mary’s crackers with hummus
  • Lunch- Ceasar salad with Key Lime dressing and Odwalla Superfood drink

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let me feed you the finest store bought frozen pizzas in town!

Weekday Recap
C2 of C3 came to visit us on Wednesday. It was so wonderful having good friends over. I miss having a girlfriend to hangout with and laugh.

I had been dying to host a dinner party but really flubbed it on this one.
When it came to deciding what to cook I simply did not have confidence to make something on my own. I'm pretty new to cooking and while Abbie says he loves everything I make... he kinda has to tell me he loves it. as it is a part of this Boyfriend Contract.

So. Sadly. This is what I offered my guests:
Along with Wheat Thins and Portwine Cheese. oh and this:
beer- not dogs. Although I did ask if they wanted to take one of them home. 

Yesterday I took Body Pump for the first time in about 2 weeks and it showed. I have renewed my commitment to taking the damn class twice a week no matter what. It is just too hard to recover when I miss a class. I'm in pain all over... but its a good hurt for sure.

I'm excited today because C1 of C3 is coming over to watch chick flicks with me and dine on my meal of choice for Fridays- popcorn and red wine. 

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- ww mini bagel, orange, coffee
  • Snack- Mary's crackers with hummus
  • Lunch- First Watch - WW wrap with mushrooms, peppers, feta cheese and spinach (bland city)
  • Snack #2- Starbuck Grande Vanilla soy latte (I recently started getting the soy lattes instead of the low fat lattes- to my surprise the soy ones taste so much better!)
  • Dinner-
  • Fruit/Veggie: 3

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying to be a Professional Adult on a Teeney Bopper budget

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I decided I needed to seriously update my work wardrobe. I started by completely tearing apart my closet and getting rid of everything that I:

Do not wear
Do not like
Doesn't look good on me
including the
"when I feel fat dress" 
and the oh-so-popular
"when I get skinny jeans"

After getting rid of at least HALF of everything I own I decided that a trip to the mall was in order. 

Sadly I have very little money to spend on clothing so I did what any girl in my Havaianas would do:

I went to the usual cheap-o, fake it till you make it clothing stores:
Forever 21
Old Navy

Trying to shop for clothes that will make me look professional and pulled together in Forever 21 is a joke. I swear I was the oldest person there by about 10 years. I managed to find 2 skirts that I thought would look good on me- but realized that I would only be getting them because they fit and not because I actually LIKED them. 

The shopping trip was a failure. 
 I guess I am going to have to suck it up and actually SAVE the money to purchase real, quality, staple work pieces that will last forever. 
You know-
black skirt
gray slacks
"dressy" jeans
all those pieces Stacy and Clinton tell us about.


I watched 500 episodes of that shish this weekend- you think I would have a clue by now.
oh well.

Todays Eats:

  • Bfast- ww mini bagel, veggie sausage, apple sauce, banana 2 coffees
  • Snack #1- PB Puffins
  • Lunch- 2 cheese burgers (I know, I know)
  • Snack #2- nothing
  • Dinner- Veggie Italian sausage, peppers, onions, spinach, ww pasta, 1 glass wine
  • Fruit/Veggie- 3
  • Workout- Ran 2.5 miles

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because she's going the DISTANCE she's going for SPEED

April 11th is the 10k.
HERE is my training schedule:

I am one week behind but I think it's OK. Last night I ran the 2.5 miles with absolutely no problems, so I am fairly confident that I will be able to maintain this schedule and run in the race. 

I've decided to buy myself a pair of new shoes.
These bad boys are ready to retire.

Today's Eats-
  • bfast- one egg, ww mini bagel, veggie sausage, apple sauce, coffee
  • Snack #1- puffins and Starbucks vanilla soy latte
  • Lunch- Leftover chicken and yellow rice- just a little, green monster
  • Snack #2- nothing
  • Dinner- scallops, ww pasta, 2 zucchinis cooked with EVOO and garlic with parmesan cheese, glass of wine (disappointed with this one- it was very bland)
  • Fruite/Veggie: 4
  • Workout: Ran 2 miles and some strength training

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Save the Drama for your Mama

Apparently I am a drama queen.

24 hours ago 
this was the scene:
ready to take Archie back

Present time:
Archie in tow

I've had a couple of instances where Archie has marked his territory in our home. After doing some Google searches I was convinced that he would have to go back because older dogs are harder to break of that habit and I couldn't keep him crated all day and I couldn't leave him at home.

Today though I decided to test the waters and keep his crate door open at work.

This is the extent of excitement coming from him today:

So- if today is any indication of the future then it looks like he has indeed found a permanent home!
No lie, all week I have been upset, eating poorly, barely working out, and drinking bottles of red wine. My coping methods are sad.

But today- was such a good day- my booty is hitting the gym!
Today's Eats

  • bfast- 1 egg, ww mini bagel, veggie sausage, organic apple sauce and coffee
  • Snack- coffee PB Puffins and a banana
  • Lunch- taco surprise (black beans, tomatoes, salsa) Green Monster
  • Snack #2- croutons (strange I know but I wanted bread and this was all I had at work)
  • Dinner- wild rice (just a little) with shrimp stir fry with 2 glasses of wine


  • Workout: 2.5 mile run on the treadmill
  • Fruit/Veggie: 5