Tuesday, November 30, 2010

truffle shuffle





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My mother bought me truffle salt this past week.

If you don't know what a truffle is
let me school you

we went into a truffle shop and tried truffle oils and salt
when we finally got the nerve to ask one of the employees what the heck a truffle was she said:
"um, it's like this magical wonderful thing"

a truffle actually is 
edible body of fungi in the genus Tuber

and it is wonderful!

and this
is a truffle sniffing dog
CLICK HERE to learn more

and if you don't know what a truffle shuffle is
let him school you

Sunday, November 28, 2010

over the river and through the woods...

to grandmother's house we go!

This was Archie's first family road trip

At "grandmas" he got to enjoy the great outdoors
rolled in the dirt
chased a squirrel
and wore his little tail out

and at "grandpas" he met the biggest "dogs" he's ever seen

and enjoyed food on the floor courtesy of my adorable nieces 
(aka- my shadows for the night)

My first Turkey-less Thanksgiving was wonderful
my stepmother was nice enough to cook a meatless lasagna for me
(my plate)

but I passed on the "see" food

We got home yesterday afternoon and have spent the rest of the time 
recovering from overeating and over drinking.

This week we will be decorating our home for Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

and the card attached would say... Thank you for being a friend...

I am thankful…
  • That I have a loving family and friends 
  • That my friends and family are (for the most part) healthy
  • For my boyfriend who is the best guy I know and whom I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with

  • my two rescue dogs

  • having the best girlfriends that a girl could ever ask for
  • Buddhism
  • a job that  gives me freedom
  • a job that gives me money
  • a job that lets me bring my dog to work
  • coworkers who bring me lunch
  • gchat
  •  my kickass condo
  • For having a car that I am not scared will break down
  • For having a car that I actually want
  •  not feeling like I’m living check to check any more
  •  I will soon be an aunt!
  • My loyal blog readers
  • Pandora (best. Thing.ever.)
  • Scented candles (esp. pumpkin)

  • Notes from the Universe (www.tut.com)
  • My one pair of comfy jeans that fit perfectly
  • My legs that continue to let me run and run

  • Coffee
  • DVR (2nd. Best. Thing. Ever.)
  • My new coffee maker
  • Publix- the best store ever
  • Having a friendship with my parents
  • Text messages from Abbie
  • All the health bloggers out there that inspire me
  • Meditation

  • makeup
  • Hot showers
  • Pictures I have that remind me of big events in my life
  • That I feel safe in the city I live in
  • Books on tape
  • My dad’s tiki bar

  • Long 3 course dinners
  • My amazingly comfortable bed
  • My body pillow
  • Good wine
  • Abbie family being so wonderful
  • Naps
  • Abbie’s sense of humor

  • Being able to watch the Young and the Restless on my lunch breaks
  •  I live 10 minutes from the beach

  • All the traveling I have done
  • being able to connect to friends and family from the past via Facebook
  • my  50 pairs of awesome shoes
  • seeing the sun rise on my back porch over a lake *beautiful*
  • My bread machine that makes our whole house smell amazing

  • My laptop that provides me with endless information
  • UPS pick up (so I don’t have to drive to the store)
  • Target
  • ½ days at work!
  • Christmas season upon us
  • Christmas lights
  • My freedom
  • My right to vote
  • The ability to go to Disney World anytime I want

  • Weather that is never below 70
  • A good hair stylist
  • Tripadvisor- I never book a vacation without it
  • My straight teeth (I had braces about 3 year ago)

  • Netflix in my mailbox
  • Netflix on demand
  • Champagne
  • Spell check
  • Publix subs
  • FGCU
  • My Garmin
  • Movie popcorn

  • Those serving our country
  • Comments on my blog
  • Words of encouragement
  • Cardio machines with TVs attached
  • Having Abbie home
  • Every teacher I’ve ever had
  • Florida college football

  • Cake
  • Text messages from my dad
  • Knee socks
  • My happy childhood
  • My family live nearby
  • Housing credit check coming soon!
  • The opportunity to have my own company
  • Being a featured writer for local magazine
  • Free massages from Brittany LMT
  • All those in the service industry (esp those who work the weekends and holidays)
  • My mom’s dog Pooter who got me to love all animals

  • Windy days (they are my favorite!)
  • Sunsets and sunrises
  • Today
  • And yesterday
  • The Tiggers in this world
  • Lotion (I cannot live without this)
  • Forever 21 jewelry
  • Music (all types)
  • Kisses from Abbie
  • My slippers
  • Completed To DO lists!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a pirate, You're a princess

Every morning for the past week
 the Today Show says SOMETHING about 
the royal engagement

For whatever reason- this makes Abbie nuts.

Typically the royal family doesn't interest me
but the fact that it makes Abbie so crazy 
kind of gets me excited.  

So I am constantly keeping him updated on the new details of the wedding
as well as adding my comments on what I would and wouldn't do.

to some of you
this may seem mean.
But torturing each other is the fun part of our relationship.

He had his fun this time last year with this ultimate DB:

With Abbie being a professional golfer
you can imagine how much I hated to hear about Tiger.

Now this is my payback time for having to listen to all the Tiger hoopla last year.

In other princess news:

I've decided to sign up for the 
Disney Princess Half Marathon

I secretly want to run with a tutu, wings and tiara too.
If anyone can think of a legit reason for me to do so- please comment below.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life's a Beach

Abbie insisted that we spend the entire day at the beach today.
So I got up early to get my 6 miler out of the way
(return of the red face)

I don't know if it was knowing I had a whole day ahead of nothing but sun and sand
buy my run felt fantastic.
I've mentioned this before
but I don't feel like a runner
I still feel like someone who wants to BE a runner
Today though
I felt like a runner.
and it felt good.

It was a beautiful day 

The ocean was loaded with fish so there were birds everywhere eating them up.  

We saw a couple of stingrays

Then watched the sun set



My life is so hard isn't it?