Thursday, September 23, 2010

If Laura Ingalls can rock it so can I!

More Thursday randomness
I think I'm bringing the bonnet back

It would be great for bad hair/I'm too lazy to wash my hair days

(how scary is this picture BTW?)


I'm just going to say it...

Modern Family sucks

It is very predictable
and not funny

I tried.
I'm sorry.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We're going to sip this wine... and pass the cup

I spent my weekend with one of my very best friends

Crystal and I met our sophomore year at college
we both majored in Marketing with a concentration in Hospitality
We were in Tri Delta together
We've worked 2 jobs together 
and were roommates for 3 (4?) years

It's safe to say that we pretty much know everything there is to know about each other

Back in March I bought tickets to see KOL for Abbie's birthday
the concert was this weekend
and he couldn't go

Crystal is my concert buddy
together we've seen:

OAR (twice)
Pepper (twice)
Counting Crows
Kelly Clarkson
2 Live Crew
Rascal Flatts
John Mayer

So it was only natural that she would fly down and take Abbie's place at the KOL concert

After having lunch with our girlfriends

we picked up dinner (and breakfast) 

(ridiculous that I would call this a health blog right?)

Then we headed out to the concert

sweet seats right?

just kidding - this is the actual view we had

The concert was just OK- we didn't do our homework 
and couldn't sing along
we mostly talked and caught up

Thank you Crystal for coming down!
I miss you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Veggie Tales

"vegetarian" (really pescetarian) update:

  • I've been a pescetarian for over a month now
  • It has not been hard at all
  • I do not feel any physical changes (energy levels are the same)
  • I'm definitely eating more cheese
  • I ordered a black bean burger from Chilis and considered it a triumph among all the yummy greasy burgers they have
  • THE BIGGEST TRIUMPH = I went to Chic fil a and ordered a shake and was with my mom who ordered a chicken sandwich. I didn't even miss it!
  • BIGGEST FAIL = I ate lentils that had chicken broth (lessoned learned- when you are a vegetarian you have to ask a lot of questions)
  • I have dreams that I accidentally eat meat
  • I THINK I made it through trips without completely putting the host out
  • I have to establish rules for myself
    • Is it ok to just pick off pepperonis from a pizza? Or do I not eat it at all?
    • If Abbie wants chicken for dinner do I cook it for him?
If anyone has any advice I would love to know.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Word to the Herb

After seeing my pathetic 
aka- DEAD
basil plant

my mom went took me on a shopping trip
and together we made an herb garden.

You know you're old when you are excited about an herb garden


Not sure how to use this- but it smells wonderful

So much herb Snoop would be proud

She also bought us this great houseplant

I'm pooped from this weekend

My brother and I don't get to hang out that often 
it was really great being able to hang out with him and his wife 
and Thunder

They have so much excitement going on in their lives right now
and I am extremely happy for them

(love ya bro!)

I updated my Project 365 if you haven't checked it out - I have a few pictures from this weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I wanna Rock and Roll all night...

Sunday was the VA Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon
I ROCKED that bish!

My goal was to finish in 2:30
I ran it in 2:28:57

I actually felt really great running
The course was beautiful- especially the run on the boardwalk the last mile of the race.
The weather was
When it isn't 99 degrees outside- you can really appreciate running a lot more

(notice my face isn't as red)

My only problem occurred after the race
I took some medicine that I didn't realize would dehydrate me
as soon as I crossed the finish line I felt awful

I couldn't eat
I didn't want to drink
My stomach hurt so bad
All I did was sleep the rest of the day
At one point I was really concerned that I would have to go to the hospital

Lesson learned.
No new medications before a run.

On a happy note...
my super awesome boyfriend whom I love more than anything
surprised me with my very own Garmin!
It was great knowing my pace/mileage/time during the race

is he the best or what?

Abbie, by the way, ran the half in under 2 hours
with practically zero training

One more thing off MY BUCKET LIST!
I decided to add a full marathon to the list now.

More about my weekend tomorrow