Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Veg

So my brother,
called me yesterday wanting to know
if I will want my future child to be a pescetarian like I am 

first of all let me say I do not have 
nor do plan to have a child any time soon
(sorry mom - and you're welcome Abbie)

But I thought it was a great question
one that I still do not have an answer to

I would not want to push my beliefs on my child 
I would want them to decide this on their own. 
I mean- it took me 29 years to make this decision.

(me with a huge piece of steak)

I thought I would handle it like I do with Abbie - who still eats meat
I cook dinner for the both of us and if he wants to add meat than he can
but he has to make it.

I thought I could just let my future child pick whatever they wanted to eat 
when we were out and they were not at home - but I wasn't going to cook it for them.
(Abbie could if he wanted)

But then I realized that would probably mean my future child would be eating mostly factory farm meat. That was fried or covered in butter, etc.
And wouldn't it be better if he/she had organic meat that was prepared at home?


I still haven't made up my mind on this one.
Luckily I have time.


  1. Most babies don't eat any meat the first year of their life.
    I know I didn't and neither did Colton. I felt like he could get all he needed without giving him meat jar baby food. Nasty!

  2. Seriously, the photo of you + baby made me take a second look! I love your comment (that so applies to me too) "sorry mom - and you're welcome Abbie."

    I still don't like seafood because my father wouldn't eat it. So, more than likely, your hypothetical child wouldn't have grown up with much meat.