Thursday, April 19, 2012

cha cha cha changes

All work and no play
 made Ashley an unhappy B word

found a new one
(in the real estate biz)
gave up my side job
and started enjoying life

I feel like me again

I was very unhappy at my last job
but when you start dreading working on Monday - when it is Friday night...

there is a problem.

And when you completely loose your marbles 
(aka sob like a baby)
because your boyfriend can go to the pool on the weekend
and you are stuck doing side work

there is a problem.

Many people pushed me to stay where I was
to work it out
and that things will get better 6 months from now
but I knew
like I knew like I knew
that this was not the job for me
and I need to trust my gut more often
and stop asking for so much advice
especially when I just wanted someone to tell me 
what I wanted to hear anyway.

Cheers to more change!

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