Sunday, November 11, 2012

Planning a Wedding

I've been planning my wedding 
wayyy before I actually became engaged.

Say Yes to the Dress
Four Weddings
David Tutera

If there was a wedding show on TV- I was watching it
With every episode I was
picking out and deciding what things I wanted to do for my own "big day"

Now that I am actually engaged
and actually planning a wedding

things are way different. 
Like that little thing called a budget
funny how little $10,000 can get you
and ALL those things that I wanted so badly 
have now been quickly crossed off my list.

I think I am creative though
and can work around the budget
because really
we just can fathom spending more than that at this point in our lives.

To help keep me sane, I've picked up this book for some pointers.

For my readers,
there are bound to be some Bridezilla moments
that will make for some good blog posts
I'll keep that in mind as I go along as well.

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