Thursday, July 24, 2014


I figured 8 months later 
would be a great time to finish our honeymoon story.
Unfortunately I can't remember the details as well as I would have 
if I had wrote this post back in December when I first started... 
So it will have to be told mostly through pictures.

Day 1
Scared out of my mind we took a very long journey from out pick up
 point in Cusco to the start of the trail

On the way we stopped at the cutest place ever for breakfast- 
but I was so worried I couldn't eat a single thing.

This was our crew for the adventure. We all became pretty close after spending 4 days on the trail.

Days 1-2 and 3 were a lot of the same thing

Hike, hike and hike
Things to know:

 1 -this trail was legit

there wasn't a pretty path with guard rails and signs
it was a hard core workout
On our last day we learned that a woman had fell to her death earlier in the year on the hike
and I recently learned a man died later in the year from a fall as well


2- the air is really thin up there

some people had to stay back from the group because it gets so hard to breathe
we would all push for 15 minutes and then rest 
These bloggers can attest to the hardships of the trail

3- We didn't have to carry our stuff

there were these amazing porters who hauled all the camping supplies and food. 
They would literally RUN down the trail that we are huffin' and puffin' on.
Most of them make this hike several times in the season to earn money for the year.
They would arrive to our campsites before we would, set up everything then cook us crazy delicious meals.


4- we had amazing food

we had 4 meals a day each usually 4 courses. even breakfast
and they accommodated everyone's diets
including my pescetarian ways

5- the bathrooms were the most terrible things on earth

THIS should give you some insight into the bathroom accommodations

6- Tent sleeping was rough

Luckily we were usually so tired from the day that we fell asleep pretty quickly. 
But the tents were small and we had no pillows. 
and it was pretty cold at night. 
Not to mention we smelled terrible after days of no showers and lots of physical activity
The last night was the worst though- a massive storm rolled through.
I could hardly sleep with all the thunder and lightening.

7- along the trail there are the most amazing ruins and views

Unfortunately these pictures can't even come close to showing how beautiful it was 

 The last day we woke up super early and raced to the Sun Gate 
so that we could get this amazing view of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was always the destination of the hike, 
seeing all the (clean) tourist there
who took the train to Machu Picchu
we realized that the journey 
as hard as it was
was the best part of the whole trip
(but isn't that always the case?)

After the hike- we took a long train ride, then bus ride back to our hotel
were we took the best shower of our lives
and slept the best sleep of our lives

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