Monday, January 3, 2011

Guess who's back? Back again?

Being the good blogger I am, I decided not to post the fact that I was going on vacation. We left on the 23rd and got back yesterday.

Abbie and I had an amazing vacation...
but as Dorothy would say

There's no place like home

Instead of trying to cram my vacation into one blog post- I'll stretch it out instead.

Beginning with another item being removed from the Bucket List

Last week I went snow skiing for the first time.

Being a Florida girl
the only skiing I know is of the water variety
(I was on the water ski team in college)
I thought maybe those skills would come in handy for snow skiing
but it didn't
let it be known-
skiing is H.A.R.D!

You wouldn't think this with all the 5 year olds whizzing by you- but don't let those fearless bastards fool you. Skiing kicked my ass.

I started out with Abbie teaching me on a side hill. 

For whatever reason they don't think you should use poles your first time around so I wasn't given any. Thing is- (unless you are 3ft tall)- it is nearly impossible to get up from a fall without poles. 
For me this was the hardest part. It was absolutely exhausting trying to get up on my own, in deep snow, with a pair of skis strapped to my feet.

After an hour of "making a pizza" I met up with the beginners group Abbie signed me up for.  
I was the oldest one in the 4 person group - by 20 years.

Once I got over the fact that I was the only non-parent on the bunny hill, I went to work.

In the end I finally started getting the hang of it.
stopped falling
and began to zig zag a bit.

Abbie is an amazing skier so we'll probably be doing this again. He was incredibly supportive even after I begged and begged to just let me sit in the lodge and drink hot chocolate instead.
(god bless him and his patience)



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  1. I've never skied either and after Eric dragging me around behind the boat in the lake I doubt I'd be very good! I'm proud of you for giving it a go!