Saturday, October 15, 2011

and we could all use a little change...

Big things going on in Ashley World

1st- this week marks my blog's 3 year anniversary!
I have updated the About Me to see how far I've come since starting this journey.

Moving on to BIGGER news...
I decided to leave my job.


I never talk about work.
But I work/worked for a manufacturing company
as the Marketing and Sales Manager

I had been there for 7 years 
it was my baby
but it was time to let that job go 
and move on

Problem is-
I have nothing lined up
so I after I celebrated the fact that I took the leap in making a big change

I sat back and thought
WTH did I do!?

I now bounce back and forth between both thoughts

total, compete and utter fear

but in my heart of hearts
I think something AMAZING is coming my way
either way
it should be an interesting journey
(from a blogger's standpoint at least)

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Whoa...what a leap! Best of luck to you; I can't wait to hear where you land! You're a smartie pants and a good egg (and therefore, super employable) so I'm certain you'll find something amazing.