Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cave Hiking

Day 3 in Cloudland and we signed up for a group hike into a cave.
With me being very claustrophobic I was a little nervous going in- but ended up being ok throughout most of the tour.
Gear on and ready to explore...

Opening of the cave

Made it to the first level.

There was a lot of crawling taking place.


Sometimes you can hike caves and be sexy... other times you can have mud on your butt like the dude in front of me.

There were so many bats and I was the only one in the group that thought they were absolutely disgusting rodents.

The start of the crawl out... the space got smaller and smaller so that we were all crawling on our bellies to get out.

  This was the exit point of the cave.

  We survived, but the poor poncho (to Abbie's delight) didn't make it- (neither did my shoes or jeans).


  1. Ewww! The bats are so gross!

  2. Yeah, i would not have been a fan of the bats too!!