Saturday, December 3, 2011

S. Carolina

We left GA and headed to Edisto Beach, SC.

The drive was long and we only got to the campsite in time to set up our tent and hang out.
Didn't have the chance to buy firewood- so we were cooped up inside playing endless games of rummy.

True story:
since Abbie isn't currently reading my blog
I can share with you
that when we arrived it was pitch black at the campsite.
I thought we were next to the beach so we grabbed a flashlight and walked down a little path
that I thought led to the water.
I was in front and quickly saw a small furry animal move
(raccoon I think)
I look back and Abbie has ran so fast in the other direction... leaving me behind.
my hero

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  1. Does he ever read your blog? Casey doesn't read mine :(
    I guess it's good when we want to talk about them, they will never know..