Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I wanna Rock and Roll all night...

Sunday was the VA Beach Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon
I ROCKED that bish!

My goal was to finish in 2:30
I ran it in 2:28:57

I actually felt really great running
The course was beautiful- especially the run on the boardwalk the last mile of the race.
The weather was
When it isn't 99 degrees outside- you can really appreciate running a lot more

(notice my face isn't as red)

My only problem occurred after the race
I took some medicine that I didn't realize would dehydrate me
as soon as I crossed the finish line I felt awful

I couldn't eat
I didn't want to drink
My stomach hurt so bad
All I did was sleep the rest of the day
At one point I was really concerned that I would have to go to the hospital

Lesson learned.
No new medications before a run.

On a happy note...
my super awesome boyfriend whom I love more than anything
surprised me with my very own Garmin!
It was great knowing my pace/mileage/time during the race

is he the best or what?

Abbie, by the way, ran the half in under 2 hours
with practically zero training

One more thing off MY BUCKET LIST!
I decided to add a full marathon to the list now.

More about my weekend tomorrow


  1. Congrats on the Garmin! Enjoy it! :) I bet it was awesome to have during the race!