Thursday, September 9, 2010

Word to the Herb

After seeing my pathetic 
aka- DEAD
basil plant

my mom went took me on a shopping trip
and together we made an herb garden.

You know you're old when you are excited about an herb garden


Not sure how to use this- but it smells wonderful

So much herb Snoop would be proud

She also bought us this great houseplant

I'm pooped from this weekend

My brother and I don't get to hang out that often 
it was really great being able to hang out with him and his wife 
and Thunder

They have so much excitement going on in their lives right now
and I am extremely happy for them

(love ya bro!)

I updated my Project 365 if you haven't checked it out - I have a few pictures from this weekend.


  1. I'll be old with you, I love my herb garden! Yours looks great.

  2. Snoop- ah that brings back some memories ;)

  3. All your herbs look WAAYYYYYY better than MINE!! My basil is really dead....dried up, sad, and dead :(

  4. Growing herbs don't mean you're old...They just make you more Flavorful!! Come on over and I'll show you what to do with them :)...Maria