Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby you can drive my car

Driving in Florida can be a tricky thing
Especially this time of year when all the snow birds are down

I usually consider myself to be a good driver- defensive- alert
Last night I was making a left turn on a green arrow
And literally came about a foot away from hitting a Honda SUV

He was going 45mph and ran a red light
Abbie was shotgun
Had food in his mouth…

That’s a lie
He’s going to be an Avatar for Halloween
and was molding his fang teeth and couldn’t talk

As I started to make my turn
He excitedly made an
MMMMMmm!!!mmmM!MM!MMMM noise
Which caused me to tap my breaks
Then SLAM the breaks when I saw the idiot barreling down at me

Two words
Jelly. Legs.
This scared the shit out of me

Based on the damage my car took from a tiny tap
Against the parking garage aluminum shelter pole

Who knows what would have happened had I hit a car speeding along

Later we laughed at Abbie’s response
And questioned about what is the proper way to warn a driver of an accident

Once, Abbie almost hit a guy on a bike
To which I scream “OH MY GOD! ABBIE!”
He stopped
But later told me that was not a good response.
Sometimes you just can't help how you will react to things.

Happy to be alive today

Happy Friday everyone!

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