Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't be a Josie

They were talking about this on the radio this morning
so I thought I would send out a PSA

 Do not try on the sample make up at the makeup counter

Unless you are a Josie Grossie

In high school I worked at Sears next to the makeup counter
every single day people would bypass the Q-tip applicators and straight put the lipstick on their lips. 

 Or would use their Josie fingers and put on eye shadow.

Just don't do it folks.

And while we are on the subject 
here are some more retail do's and don'ts

Don't ever wear a bathing suite without washing it first
I'm sure I do not need to provide an explanation for this.

Always take your clothes out of the fitting room when you are done.
I know it is not your job and you don't get paid to do this
but it is just common courtesy.

Do not open the dressing room door with just your undies on and ask the salesperson to get you another size.

Old, gross men did this ALL the time.

I know many may disagree with this one
but never shop at outlets
I worked at Levi's Outlet
the jeans were almost always defective or out of style 
for only 10% off of what you would pay for good jeans at a regular store.

That concludes this Ashley PSA.

1 comment:

  1. Uck! The sample makeup! I do disagree with the Outlets comment. I can find GREAT stuff there as long as I shop in the right store. For example, the GAP Outlet is horrible, but the Talbots Outlet always has great stuff for work!