Saturday, February 19, 2011

can you pay my bills?

Last night Abbie and I celebrated 
a huge financial step for me.

Friday I paid off all of my credit cards.
sort of

I paid them off- with a consolidated zero percent interest loan.
I had been paying close to 20% interest in 2 of my credit cards.

Not having this cloud of doom hovering over me is the biggest relief.
For years and years I have ignored my enormous debt. Now thanks to Abbie's help
I should be completely debt free in about 7 months!

can I get a woot! woot!?

so how did we celebrate this feat?

By spending money of course.
(Abbie's money this time)

He treated me to dinner at PF Changs.

cheers to no more credit cards!

also- another exciting weekend event
a lady at my work is giving me her juicer.
green juicy blogs to come!

Tonights dinner:
fish tacos (loaded)

strawberry shortcake

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  1. Great to hear, you're on your way to a debt free life! Now off to do fun adult things like get upholstery cleaned...