Monday, February 21, 2011

Training to be a Princess

One more week to go before the Princess Half Marathon at Disney!

I haven't been training like I should
so yesterday I ran 12 miles
 just so I could be 100% confident that I can complete this race.

This was actually the first long run I've done without feeling like complete crap afterwards.
I even had time to hang out with my a fellow "princess in training".

I am concerned that I won't meet my time goal of 2:15 
(because I have yet to keep the pace in my long runs)
But I'm hopeful my adrenaline will kick in and get me closer to my goal.

BTW- I just want to say that a "runners high" is a complete myth. 

I've been trying to stay focused on completing this goal- but secretly I cannot WAIT to switch up my workout routine and work on non running activities.

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