Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Funday

Weekend Recap:

While cleaning the house may not seem like the most fun in the world
I was so happy to finally have our place spotless again.

Abbie and I hadn't lifted a finger to clean in about 2 weeks.
i know.
what can I say?

So while I worked on the house
Abbie was off kicking ass at a golf tournament.

Afterwards we celebrated with some Italian 
bad-but-oh-so-good food

Then we hit up a local carnival
listened to some music

Went on the Himalaya
(which was pretty brave after eating all that food with 2 glasses of wine)
(how's that for an action shot?)

and ended the night on the Ferris Wheel

 It was a perfect day.


  1. I agree! The action shot is great and I love the dark hair!