Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winning Like Sheen

I'm probably the worse blogger out there

4 days later...
Here is my Disney 1/2 Marathon Recap

(Like the horrible blogger I am
I didn't take any pictures
and I am relying on my friend's photos instead)
more photos to come...

Let me start by saying...

Posing with my Gu Chomps

I have never felt so good running in my life.
The weather was perfect.
I was hydrated.

We had to sleep at 6:00pm the night before
to be up at 2:00am and at the race by 3:00am

Trying to sleep at 6pm at a Disney hotel
with screaming kids outside- is tough.

At the race adrenaline kicked in and we were all awake.
Each Corral had fireworks go off before running- which was exciting.

13,000 runners

There were so many people in costumes that it kept my mind busy during the race.

I think there were a lot of first timers at this race- or just a bunch of people that just wanted pictures with the characters, ect. - because I felt like I was dodging walkers the entire time.
I actually think I would have had a better finish time had I not spent so much time zig zagging the course.

I wasn't a big fan of the course- most of it was on the highway
the music was uninspiring Disney tunes
(try running to A Whole New World)

I finished at 2:16
my goal was 2:15 so it was a little disheartening coming up a minute short

Also, I had started my Garmin too soon during the race
and actually thought I had came in under 2:15

Despite that- I really feel good about my run. My 2nd goal for this race was to run completely through without stopping- which I did.

I'm so happy with the way I ran and how I felt that
I have decided to do yet another half this year
and have a new goal of 2:00!

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