Monday, December 3, 2012

The Ring

Did I tell you that I recently became engaged?

I did?

Did I share THIS VIDEO of it?

Oh... I did that too?

One thing I haven't shared.
is my oh - so - beautiful
and I haven't for two reasons.

For one,
On that beautiful night Abbie proposed
one of the side diamonds fell out while we were camping
which looked terrible in pictures.
so we sent the ring to be repaired and re-sized
(btw- I wear a 3-3/4 sized ring)

It took about 3 weeks to finally get this ring back to its rightful place... my finger
problem is...
my hands look like they are 1,000 years old.
Every picture I try to take of the ring I hate because my hands look so terrible!

they have always looked this way.
even as a kid I was picked on for my "old lady hands"

Now I at least I have something to jazz them up a bit

(Btw- while writing this I was totally reminded of the episode of Friends where Joey finds his "hand twin" now "this hand is your hand" is stuck in my hand)

(bbtw- wouldn't it be awful if I had a hand twin out there?)

(bbttww - some would say my hand twin would be my grandmother)

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