Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crimes of Fashion

I am a fashion nightmare
I catch onto trends just as they are exiting style magazines
"I guess leggings aren't THAT bad..."

So I think with my 30th birthday I should start dressing like
a classy, business woman

Instead of a poor 29 year old
who buys all of her clothes from target
and pulls them from the (clean) laundry basket
in the 11th hour of getting ready for work
so there is no time to iron them
or realize they have shrunk/faded/worn out 

The only problem is

I do no understand fashion
at all
For example 
here is some fashion advice from Women's Health Magazine 
(Sept issue)

In this example, they suggest using a scarf as a shirt
Am I the only person that would get fired for wearing a scarf as a shirt to work?
This is the dumbest advice ever.
Nobody would do this- right? 
would you tie it in a knot in the back and have it poke your jacket?
do you use safety pins?
stupid stupid stupid

Here's another:

Although not as stupid as the last example
who would tie their dress ah-la 80s style
and wear it as a shirt?
Nobody... right?

So I'm reaching out to the blog world for some help

I follow THIS BLOG
I love her sense of style
she is trendy but not outrageous trendy
she just looks pulled together all the time

Anybody have any good tips or blogs out there for me?



  1. I don't have any specific advice but I'd go with the styles you see on blogs or in magazines that you like and focus on recreating the look. Maybe not the exact stuff but the structure/color/etc. Once you find what style tops and bottoms you like and that look good on your body it will become easier to build a solid wardrobe. Good luck!

  2. I don't have advice, but I feel your pain. I would also be fired for wearing a scarf as a shirt. Luckily, the only people that judges my work outfits are 8! I'm not buying anything until the 80's styles are out. They all make me look like a sausage. How is that for a solution?