Monday, August 23, 2010

The first man that I loved

I know that my blogging has been pretty weak lately
but it's the summa time
and I've been a busy girl

This weekend my dad came down to see me
and brought my niece and nephew

My niece and nephew are 10 years old and are the most chill, laid back kids I have ever met.
which is great
because I was a maniac

I always want people to come and visit Abbie and I 
but when they do
I tend to freak out making sure everyone is happy
well fed
(like any good host)
but I think I get so worked up that I sometimes forget to enjoy the time being spent

Saturday I about had a melt down because I couldn't think of stuff for us to do
so I went for a run
and came back with a kick ass day of activities
that involved 
a boat, seafood and the beach.

It ended up being the perfect day.
complete with dolphins and (double) rainbows

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