Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mary Moon she's a vegetarian

I've taken the plunge
I've decided to no longer eat meat
nothing that had legs
(fish and eggs are still a part of my diet)

I've been considering making this move for some time now but wasn't sure if I could commit. 
How could I give up Chic- fil- a?
Or Steak?
Or bacon?
What would I do at a BBQ? Do I want to be the one that requests a veggie burger?
What about Thanksgiving?
What if I post this and 3 days from now I break down and eat a pepperoni pizza?
How do I explain to my family who eats meat, and knows me to eat meat - that I no longer want to?

I wanted to blog about this internal struggle I've been having, but there is a lot of judgement that comes along with this decision.
In fact, I've already had my first snarky comment
"But you eat fish? What, you don't care about fish? How to do draw the line?"

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I can't care what other people think.
I made this decision for me, for animals and for my health.
and I've never felt better.

It actually has not been hard. I quickly realized that the meat I love the most are the kinds that are the worst for me: McDonald's burgers, chic-fil-a fried nuggets, Chicken Bryan, so this helps keep me on the healthy track.  I've also survived my very first dinner party as a vegetarian- where steak (my fav) was served.

So. there it is. My new change.

I feel like I've made such great strides in becoming healthier and this is definitely one of the big ones.

So if there are any other vegetarians out there that have any advice for me I would love to hear what you have to say!


  1. Yay!!! Good for you!!! I've been a vegetarian since I was 4 because I dislike the taste and texture of meat. I've gotten a lot of grief for it my whole life, and you're bang on - just ignore what they say! If they tell you that "you're missing out" on meat, be sure to tell them that they're the ones missing out on cheaper meals and the positive effects of extra veggies ;) xoxo

  2. HEY! just stumbled upon your blog! and read this post!! i am A PESCATARIAN TOOOO :) i just started a month ago!!! I miss McDonald's burgers too!! hehehe. I've noticed that a lot of Thai dishes are meat-free! lots of shrimp & tofu, rice.veggies :)

    anyways, i am following you now, hope you can follow me back :)xo~