Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NY is everything they say ... No place I'd rather be

Hello Bloggers and Bloggettes!
Just got back from New York visiting Abbie and his family

Our weekend consisted of


(I hate that I look like a boy here)


Goofing off

Playing Pool

 Running and Bike Riding

I haven't rode a bike since I was a kid. I was embarrassing wobbly. 
I loved it though and really want to buy a bike of my own now.

We didn't run as far as we should have (to train for the 1/2 marathon)
I have about 2 weeks to really step up my workout before the big day.
I'm getting really anxious about this run. 
I know that I can finish the race. 
I am more concerned that it is going to hurt like hell. 
I would really wanted to feel great both during and after the race.
Not so sure that can happen at this point.
My training has really fallen by the wayside.


  1. Looks like the perfect vacation to me - glad you had fun!

  2. You don't look like a boy! The shorts are pink, right?