Tuesday, November 9, 2010

get your hair did

Does anyone else have a hard time explaining (to your boyfriend) why you must pay $130 to get your hair done?

I tried the natural hair color look:

washed out.

I tried dying it myself:
Disaster (completely black with dye on face)

I hate paying the money
but sometime you gotta leave it to the professionals

Anyone else have hair do-it-yourself disaster stories?

On the fitness front:
I'm back training for another half marathon
this one is in January

This time I am using the Hal Higdon's Intermediate Schedule
which has more running (duh) than the beginners schedule

with this cold weather running has actually been enjoyable
No more having to wake up really early to run
or waiting till dusk because the weather is cooler
on Sunday I actually ran 6 miles at 2:00pm

My goal for this race is 2:15
which is 15 minutes faster than the last 1/2 marathon

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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