Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a pirate, You're a princess

Every morning for the past week
 the Today Show says SOMETHING about 
the royal engagement

For whatever reason- this makes Abbie nuts.

Typically the royal family doesn't interest me
but the fact that it makes Abbie so crazy 
kind of gets me excited.  

So I am constantly keeping him updated on the new details of the wedding
as well as adding my comments on what I would and wouldn't do.

to some of you
this may seem mean.
But torturing each other is the fun part of our relationship.

He had his fun this time last year with this ultimate DB:

With Abbie being a professional golfer
you can imagine how much I hated to hear about Tiger.

Now this is my payback time for having to listen to all the Tiger hoopla last year.

In other princess news:

I've decided to sign up for the 
Disney Princess Half Marathon

I secretly want to run with a tutu, wings and tiara too.
If anyone can think of a legit reason for me to do so- please comment below.


  1. Dang girl you are amazing for entering the princess run! I am sure you`ll do brilliantly! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. You have the perfect reason to run in a tiara, wings and tutu... because YOU WANT TO!!! =)And it makes for amazing photo opps to post on here...