Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like... work

How am I supposed to be in the Christmas spirit if I have to work?! This time last year I was here:

This year I am here:

Sad, no?

I do think I will be leaving early though **fingers crossed** . Abbie and I have a 5k to do today- We've named it the Abbley 5k. (some call us losers but we call it fun).  I'm actually not that excited for the run- I ran 2 miles with Bunks last night and it was murder. But I'm hellbent on being a runner- so IT'S ON!

I also made this purchase last night:

See my blog roll peeps?Not only do I read - but I obey.

***more to come!***

Running Update- Just finished the Abbley 5k run.

Bottom line... my bottom is out of shape! But I finished it- and that was all I wanted to do. I think overall my mental game gets to me more than being out of shape. I never know what to think about while I am running so then my thoughts just turn to how much I hate to run. If anyone has any thoughts/advice/stories on how to get past this I would appreciate some feedback!

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  1. Hiya sweets,
    I wrote back on my blog but I just realized your instructions (must have been all the egg nog over Christmas week)...
    Anyway, please, yes! Take over! Let's do this!
    Let me know when you're ready - I will put a post up that it's going to you :)
    Sincerely, WMT302009 ;)