Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shame Shame

NherShoes has declared to "Finish Strong" for the new year. Meaning working out hard and eating healthy. I was all on board for about 3 days (Spin, Run, Run, Intervals- yeah!) then someone put a huge plate of cookies in our office

Then I had to make some goodies (top secret) for my peeps for Christmas- and may or may not have eaten at least one of every batch.

And yesterday (and probably today) I just had too many holiday things to do so I skipped the gym.

Let's face it folks - I've completely fallen off the fitness/health wagon

And the little devil on my shoulder says- no SCREAMS- "take the rest of the year off and just have fun."   oh. so. tempting.

What will I decide?  Who knows. But I can tell you that having to write this "failure" for all to see is extremely motivating- makes me at least want to eat a carrot or something.
In an unrelated rant- the other day someone on FaceBook wrote "Heading to the gym- I need to lose this weight ASAP!"

Is it me- or is that like the nuttiest thing a girl can write? Okay, maybe not the nuttiest- but annoying none the less. Forget Fat Talk- that was like a Fat Announcement! I should send her the link to Operation Beautiful.

Okay- here are my sad, sad Eats:

  • bfast-  ww arnold thins with 1 egg
  • snack #1- biscotti with coffee
  • lunch- ww bread with turkey and mayo- yes mayo
    • chips - yes chips
    • soda- i know, i know
  • Dinner- Organic Black Bean Soup with a handful of Organic Corn Chips
    • Baileys 
  • Fruit/Veggie count- I'm not even going there...
Maybe I'll get that carrot in...

Update- I ended up going home and downloading a Free yoga podcast from

At the time I didn't feel like I was getting much of a workout- but today my buns are burning (TWSS). It did help me calm down and distress. Exactly what I needed.

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