Monday, December 14, 2009

Lazy lazy lazy Jane

Everyday about this time - 3:50pm - I have this thought:

Who cares if I don't go to the gym? I can be perfectly happy laying in bed eating cookies and watching TV for the rest of my life...

I call it the "before the gym dread" I think it is mostly due to the fact that my day is winding down from work and I really just want some chill time to relax.

No worries though- I know better.

More blog to come!

So I dragged my butt to the gym. Great, great, great class- so glad that I went to spin. I LOVE spin. I love that the room is dark and I can just fall into the music.

I think they should have the whole gym like that.... hmmmm... maybe I'll start one.... and call it Club Gym. All the lights will be low and loud fast paced music would be bumpin'.  Of course we'll leave a lit section by the free weights for all the meat heads to look at themselves while flexing. (seriously how hilarous is that to see at a gym? Boys have no shame- you NEVER see girls flexing their muscles in the gym in front of everyone)

today's eats:

  • bfast- 2 egg whites cooked with oats, topped with 1/2 banana and almond butter
  • Snack #1- organic popcorn with sea salt
  • Lunch- Flatout spinach wrap with cuke, avocado, sprouts and hummus
  • Snack #2- apple
  • Dinner- homemade pizza- wheat crust, tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms and peppers (loaded!)
  • Dessert- cupcake
  • Fruit/Veggie Count- 5
  • Workout: 45 min spin class

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