Sunday, April 18, 2010

Motley Lou

All I wanted this weekend was to go to the beach
lay in the sun
so that I could have a little bit of color for my vacation.
it poured buckets

So, Abbie and I went to the movies instead.
It was actually pretty funny. 
but then again, as long as I have my LARGE tub of popcorn 
(no butter)
I can watch anything.

My wonderful boyfriend went to the library and got this for me
but on "tape"(it sounds weird to say "on CD")
I own the hard cover- but never have the time to read it
so I am so happy that I can "read" it on my drive to and from work.

great weekend.
Can't wait for this week to fly by.

Today's Eats
  • bfast- mini ww bagel with jelly and scrambled eggs (abbie made breakfast for me**love him**)
  • 1/2 of a large tub of movie popcorn (it's my vice- no guilt), soda
  • Dinner- 1/2 Moe's burrito- black beans, chicken, cukes, salsa, cilantro, lime (loaded)
  • Dessert- 2 glasses of wine
  • Workout- 5 mile run/ ab workout


  1. Fun! We saw the movie too and I liked it. First movie I convinced Nick to see in ages.

  2. i want to start getting books on tape! thats such a great idea for the commute :)