Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There were no outlets, and there was dirt, and bugs, and... and it rains there.

Next week Abbie and I are taking off on our much need vacation.
He’s been dying to use our new camping gear we got each other for Christmas. But I’m not too keen on the idea of first- time camping - clear across the country.

I’m freaking out that we might forget to pack something important and we’ll get out into the woods missing XYZ with no place to get it. Being the Type A that I am I’ve typed out a Camping Checklist
It’s up to 2 pages now.

Abbie makes me feel like I’m a crazy control freak for being like this and questions everything on the list
“dishes? We don’t need dishes!”
How soon he forgets our first “camping” disaster last year when we went to Shenandoah National Park

We were 2 hours away from any kind of store- and it was late when we arrived with no utensils, no food, just bread and peanut butter (no knife)
No fire wood
No music
We did however remember to bring this.

At least there we had a cabin. This time around it’s tent city.

I am kind of excited to finally be able to put my Troop Beverly Hills knowledge to good use.

Today’s Eats:
  • Bfast- 2 ww mini bagels with almond butter, OG applesauce, coffee (I’m tired of this breakfast)
  • Snack- BBQ kettle chips
  • Lunch - ww mini bagel with turkey, carrot chips, sludge (sick of this lunch as well)
  • Chai Tea 
  • Sweet potato, black beans, tomatoes, horse radish, 1 glass wine
  • Workout- ran 5 miles
  • Fruit/Veggie count: 4 (slacking here big time) 

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  1. I totally understand your list fellow Capricorn. Great minds think alike (and PREPARE!).