Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 whaaaat?

Ok folks. I got my list together and here is what is going down for 2010:
  • Pay debt down to 50%
  • Visit home every other month
  • Read 2 spiritual books
  • Attend 2 Buddhist day courses
  • Become certified Spin Instructor (that’s right- I’m throwing this out there!)
  • Clean diet
    • Strive for 5 fruits and veggies a day
    • Rid dairy from diet (dairy makes me feel yucky)
  • Run 5 races
Recreation/Other Personal
  • Host 3 dinner parties
  • Write 3 magazine articles (I write for a local publication)
  • Paint walls in rest of condo
  • Cross 5 items off of Bucket List (see below)
  • Go to Seattle for vacation
  • go on a wine tour
  • Read 2 non spiritual non work books

I also stole these gems from my Women’s Health magazine:
  • Don’t dress like a bum on Sundays (no more pajama pants all day long)

  • Look hot at the gym (no more 10 year old oversized workout pants)

  • Switch up the nightwear from boxers and an old t-shirt (va va voom)

  • Find one “fashion risk” piece of wardrobe (hammer pants?)

  • Look pulled together for work (this one is huge for me)

This is actually a part of a 5 year plan that I wrote out 4 years ago. Obviously changes have been throughout the years but I really like the breakdowns I have for all aspects of my life. (I left “career” out of this one for privacy purposes) I created the 5 year plan at a course for work. Basically you think about your life 5 years from now and how you want it to look- your job, your home, your family, your love life, your health… etc.  Then you backtrack through the 5 years and write out when you hope to achieve or your plan of action in achieving those goals.

My Bucket List was posted in my previous blog so here it is again:
-hot air balloon ride
- whale watching
-go to a horse race (KY derby or Preakness)
- see a boxing match in Vegas
- learn to surf in Costa Rica
- European Cruise
- NY for Christmas (that's all you Abbie)
- see the Grand Canyon
-go on a helicopter ride
-go to Yosemite
-have a picnic in a park
-have an over the top Halloween costume
- go to Thailand
- walk thru a rain forest
- Australia
- go snow skiing
- see an opera
- go on a vacation where i can buy and do whatever i want
- see the Dali Lama 
- visit Anna in Sweden 
- get a tattoo
- go to Seattle
- learn to play the piano
- get MBA
-see a Red Sox game in Boston
- go on a safari
- go to a topless beach
- learn about wine
- see space shuttle launch
- pick a destination at the airport
- take a trip on a train
- see Alaska
- go to DC to see the cherry blossoms
- do all my travels with someone i love
-write a book
-throw a huge party
-ice skate at Rockefeller Center
- go rock climbing (rock wall counts)
-visit Napa Valley
- see the great wall of China
- drink in Ireland
-go to a country bar in Nashville
-see a volcano
-learn to drive a boat
-see the sun rise on East Coast of FL and set on the West Coast on the same day
-cook a fish that I caught
- see Paris
- be involved in a huge food fight
- run 1/2 marathon
- learn to scuba dive
- swim with dolphins
- buy my mom a house
-go surfing
- take a gondola in Venice
- learn to salsa dance
- own a really great/expensive piece of art
- have a house full of art and artifacts from my travels
- throw a drink in some one's face
-drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
- make a huge donation to St. Jude
-learn to take a shot
-buy a condo
- become debt free!
- buy a Murano glass ring in Italy
- host a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner for my whole family
- see a soccer game in Spain
- sing karaoke
- go river rafting
- visit an ashram
- get married
-go camping on the beach
- have a baby
- adopt a baby
- have a "summer home" and a "winter cabin"
- own a business
- grow a garden

This list grows almost daily.

Today’s Eats:
Bfast- 1 egg, ww English muffin, organic apple sauce, coffee
Snack #1- green monster (banana, spinach, almond milk, flax), PB Puffins
Lunch- Arnold thin, sprouts, hummus, and turkey greek yogurt with granola
Snack #2- handful of almonds green tea
Dinner- salad: 1 cuke, 1 tom, ½ avocado, snap peas, and shrimp
Fruit/Veggie count: 7
Workout: 20 min Shred
*** Everyone make their pick for the Biggest Loser Winner? My vote is Daris.

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  1. i love your bucket list!!!

    and i read your first post... you are too funny, but look where you are now! go girl :)