Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here come the judge

Once a guy walked up to me at Publix:

Guy:  You workout at the same gym I do
Guy: I just wanted to see if you bought healthy food
(he peeks into my cart)
Guy: Wow, you do. Wayyyy healthier than me.
He lifted up his basket so I could see the soda and frozen pizza’s he was carrying.

Fast Forward
Ever since that day I am very aware of what I put in my  grocery cart.  I play this secret game where I pretend that everyone in the store is watching what foods I’m buying. And judging me.

And every time I make it to the checkout with only healthy (or realatively healthy) items- I consider it a victory.

Consequently, this little situation got me to start looking into other people’s baskets. And yes, judging. Yesterday I saw a mother and her 10 year old boy load up their cart with 1 case of Sunkist in a can along with (2) 2 liters of Sunkist!

Here are my issues:
#1 – who the heck buys Sunkist? I mean, occasionally I may think a Sunkist would be a tastey treat- but that is like a once in blue moon type of thing. I guess I just always assumed everyone else in the free world felt the same way too.

#2- If you ARE one of those Sunkist drinking people/family HOW MUCH DO YOU POSSIBLY NEED!? 24 cans AND 2 liters?! 

#3- I’m not a mom, but even I know that buying that much soda for your kid ranks up there with buying him cigarettes and booze.

Who am I to judge? It wasn't too long ago that my morning breakfast consisted of Mt. Dew and Doritos. (mmmm ... doritos)

Today’s Eats

  • Bfast- 2 whole grain pancakes with applesauce, coffee and 1 egg
  • Snack #1- PB Puffins and coffee
  • Lunch- WW Arnold thin with turkey and sprouts
    •  Greek yogurt with granola
  • Snack #2- banana
  • Dinner- Shrimp stir fry (shrimp, peppers, mushrooms, cashews) with brown rice
  • Dessert- small handful of Annie’s Choc
  • Fruit/Veggie Count: 5
  • Workout- 45 minute spin class

This blog is dedicated to all those rotten tooth rug rats running around hyped up on Sunkist.

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  1. Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog from the 20SB site! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, and to be inspired as I go through my health journey :)

    Feel free to stop by on over at my blog when you have the time at www.seejuliarun.blogspot.com