Friday, January 8, 2010

Less Space, less stuff, more life

Less space, less stuff, more life.

Our internet was down all day at work today which left me with next to nothing to do. So… since I was alone, I may have decided to watch TV (while still working I swear)…. and I may have decided to check out today’s episode of Oprah.

It showcased how people live in other countries. Demark, is apparently known as having the happiest people on earth.  The homes in Demark are real modern, clean lines, small rooms. No knickknacks (which I hate more than anything) and little wall art.   When Oprah asked the husband why so little “stuff” he said “less space, less stuff, more life”

I love it.

This is very much in line with Buddhist beliefs. Maybe I should add this to my resolutions
Beyond the clutter- that just seems to only be endlessly cleaned and maintained. Having less stuff would also mean having more money. More money means more travel. And that my friends, is what I want more than anything.

Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend...

yeah. me too.

Today's Eats:

  • bfast- 1 egg, ww english muffin, apple sauce
    • coffee
  • Snack #1- Green Monster and PB Puffins
  • Lunch- turkey sammie with hummus and sprouts
    • greek yogurt with granola
  • Snack #2- apple
  • Snack #2.5- spoonful of almond butter and handful of snap peas
  • Dinner: Left over taco surprise (black beans, salsa, diced tomatoes with taco seasoning) and 12 crackers (could have done without the crackers
  • Fruit/Veggie count: 6
  • Workout: 20 min. shred. 

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