Friday, January 15, 2010

(Body)Pump up the Jams

Seriously, how much do you love hand-me-downs?  Check out this pile I received from a friend:

Yesterday I finally dragged my booty into Body Pump.  That class is so ridiculously hard- seriously. I dread it every time - but always leave feeling strong. I know I've said this before- but I am just going to suck it up and go. I'm thinking of trying 2 classes a week for 3 months and seeing what kind of results I get. (before and after pictures?maybe.)

For those who do not have Body Pump at their gyms - Here’s a clip of the torture:

Since I failed to blog last night- I’m going to take this time to highlight a cooking triumph for me.  Quinoa stuffed peppers. LOADEDWITHDELICOUS!

 I haven’t had Quinoa before. To me the dish tasted like spaghetti (because of all the tomatoes). Unfortunately my photography skills aren’t so keen- so this picture doesn’t quite capture the yummy-ness of it all.

Today’s Eats:

  • Bfast- multigrain pancakes with applesauce and coffee
  • Snack #1- PB Puffins and green tea
  • Lunch- Stuffed pepper leftover (just as good the 2nd time around) and apple chips
  • Snack #2- banana
  • Dinner- “Healthy Moes” WW tortilla, brown rice, black beans, (little bit) refried beans, (little bit) cheese, cukes, tomatoes, lime juice, and avocado .
  • Fruit/Veggie Count: 5
  • Workout- 1 hour of Body Pump

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