Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Recipe: How to Be a Saturday Bum


  • a sofa
  • a television/computer
  • subscription to Netflix
  • Panera Bread (Dominoes, McDonalds substitute will do)
  • blankets
  • wine
  • comfy socks
  • Jammies
  • sense of entitlement

First, after a quick run to Target to see if there are any new clothes, stop into Panera Bread for a Two For You black bean soup and Caesar Salad. Use your sense of entitlement (from the long, hard, workweek) to add a very large chocolate chip cookie to order. 

Immediate put on jammies and comfy socks when you return home. Pour a glass of wine (or two- or three) while you eat the Panera Bread goodness. Be sure to take an extra long time to eat all 440 calories of the large chocolate chip cookie.

Once stuffed to the brim, grab a blanket and sit on the couch to enjoy all DVR'd shows from the week (Bethanny's Getting Married and The Bachelorette). After 2+ hours of TV, use sense of entitlement once again to remain on the sofa and watch a Ready to Watch movie from Netflix. The Proposal is a great choice.  

After 4 hours on the sofa, move to the bed for a 3 hour nap.

Repeat every Saturday or as needed.

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