Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Runnin' and walkin'

Since I decided going out with my friend on Saturday
and drinking lots of bubbly

and shots were more important

I was out of commission on Sunday to do my scheduled 6 mile run.

Today I made up for it.
This is the first time I've ran this far since my 10K race.

Thanks to my Runners magazine I got the idea
to incorporate walking into a schedule

So tonight I ran 10 minutes and walked 1
What a freakin' difference that made!

I timed it all on my new 
fancy schmancy 
$9 Target watch.
(blurry Bunkie in the background)

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- Ezekiel English muffin (tried this for the first time- LOADED!), egg white, Horizon's organic cheese, coffee
  • snack- greek yogurt, banana, granola
  • Lunch- ww spaghetti, tomato, zucchini and white beans
  • snack- Odwalla bar
  • Dinner- mini bagel and banana, spinach, tomato, feta cheese, and strawberries
  • Fruits/Veggies: 5
  • Workout- ran 6 big ones

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