Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Ordered Two Big Macs and Two Large Fries

Back to the grind.

After not drinking for the entire month- having a (couple) glasses of wine these past two days has nearly killed me. I've pretty much crawled through this day at work and will have to crawl through my 3 mile run pretty soon.

wish me luck.

in addition to the wine, I decided to celebrate being an American by eating like one

thats right
Fast Food: Burger King
(McDonald's was too far)

I had 2 cheese burgers, medium fries and a soda
it. was. so. darn. good.
and made me feel
so. darn. horrible.

But that's ok. I got my fix and will not need it again until next year. 

Abbie came into town to celebrate with the 4th with me after partaking in our calorie extravaganza he has agreed to run with me this week. He's buying shoes as we speak (his were stolen on our vacation).

Today's Eats
  • bfast- english muffin, cheese, egg white, 2 coffees
  • Lunch- Footlong Subway wheat, turkey, let., tom, pickles, cukes, vinegar, BBQ Baked Lays (I was starving all day)
  • Snack- Mary's Crackers with Hummus, 10 M&Ms
  • Dinner-
  • Workout- 3 mile run
  • Fruit/Veggies- 1


  1. Sounds delicious to me (in moderation of course, ahem.).

    Oh, and I'm sure you're ears were burning this past week while I was at convention. We were talking badge numbers, everyone was saying how they could never remember their number. Mine is easy, #2 because Ashley is #1!

  2. I am not a great drinker either...it takes me like 2 drinks and I am dunzo!! Good luck with the run!!!