Sunday, July 25, 2010

Farm Living is the life for me

Reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
I was inspired to head over to the farmers marketing this morning.

I've been a couple times - before our farmers market moved indoors
now all of the sudden the Starbucks toting townsies decided they want to go as well

Needless to say I was totally overwhelmed when walking in. I made a quick round, bought my shish and made an exit.

Driving home, I made new Farmer's Market rules (effective... next Sat.):

RULE #1- Don't take the baskets- a 7 year old literally yelled at me for taking the basket that held the green beans.

RULE # 2- Take 2 not 1 $1 Publix "I love the environment" bags. Reason: I went to one stand and started loading up. They looked in the bag and told me what I owed. Then I went to the next booth and wanted to do the same routine but was afraid that I would have been charged twice (make sense?). THEN the same little girl that yelled at me also gave me a plastic (aka- I HATE the environment) bag to put my food in. Which made me look like a damn fool - posing to love Mother Earth and using the products that suffocate her at the same time

RULE #3 - Buy something new. There were radishes. They were small and in the cutest little bundles that you have ever seen. But I didn't put them in either of the I love or I hate the environment bags. Instead I drove all the way home thinking how cool it would have been to have bought them and found a recipe to them in.

RULE #4- Figure out a way to take fish home- There was a small booth with fresh fish. I wasn't sure how they would do in my 10min drive home. Next time I def want to try some.

RULE #5-  Buy Jam. Ok- this rule might only apply to next Saturday, since I only need one jar.

Here is all the loot I took home with me.

  1. eggplant
  2. 5 tomatoes
  3. 3 lemons
  4. 2 cukes
  5. 2 squashes
  6. soap
  7. green beans (no basket)
Total = $12 all locally grown.

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