Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bend and SNAP

Friday my prize from 
came in!

I was so excited.

This thing has so many lunch containers and they have SNAP lids!

That means they don't leak!

I was so pumped- you would have thought it was my birthday.
(ahhh... the little things in life)

So yesterday I was a little too excited about my 3 day weekend that I decided to skip both meditation and the gym.

Today though I made up for it by working my ash off at the gym.

I blew through 4 miles and then did 30 minutes of hard core weights. When I left the gym, my shirt looked like a different color (gross I know) but there is something about working up a sweat that makes you feel good.

Next week I'll start my training with the local running group. 
Special thanks to Laury for being my cheerleader.

Well, its 10:00pm on Saturday. I would love to fool you into thinking that I decided to write a blog before going out for a wild night on the town... but the truth is I am going to bed. I have a 6 mile run tomorrow and if I don't get up before the sun, I "run" (no pun intended) the risk of having a heat stroke.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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