Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Celebration

Weekend Recap
·         Saturday – Florida played Georgia- needed to celebrate with 6 Bud Select 55.
  • ·         Saturday- Florida BEATS Georgia- celebrated even more with 6 more Bud Select 55 (alcohol content on these is 2.4% a regular beer is 4%- just an FYI)

  • ·         Sunday – was a beautiful day that needed to be celebrated-  I found this perfect location on the water- where we enjoyed mojitos and bruschetta- LOADED.

  • ·         Sunday afternoon- Around 4pm we decided that we wanted to paint our guest/yoga/meditation/office- something I’ve been DYING to do since we’ve moved in. We were ½ way complete and decided to celebrate with a bottle of wine.
  • ·         Sunday night- wine was so delicious that we decided to celebrate with POM blueberry and vodka
All of this celebration leads me to this awesome hangover I am working through today.

Sorry I was a bad blogger again and didn’t take pics of any of the weekend eats. This week we will finally have the Internet at our place and it’ll make it so much easier to blog.

I won’t lie- today has been rough. Just can’t bounce back like I use to. Fortunately I have resisted all urges to run to BK for a bacon double cheeseburger with fries…. Let’s hope I hold out.

I’ve been nursing this hangover with lots of carbs today. Today’s Eats-
  • ·         Bfast- 2 eggs with Arnold thin and coffee
  • ·         Snack#1- 1 WWpita with cream cheese (all I wanted was bread and cheese)
  • ·         Snack #1.5- Green Monster

  • ·         Lunch- ½ sub from this weekend- wheat, turkey, cuke, let, tom, pickels (no cheese or mayo)
  • ·         Snack #2- granola
  • ·         Dinner- Scallops with zucchini and wwpasta- sooooo good!

Fruit/Veggie Count: 4
Workout- 45 cardio
Ok- no more celebrating... starting.... NOW!

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