Monday, November 30, 2009

Rut rut rut

Having these past 4 days off have been so wonderful. Abbie's family flew down, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.


This weekend Abbie and I got to spend time together.


(he lost at pool- hence the blue nose)

As soon as I walked through my office today though- BAM! I felt like I was in a rut. I love my job- I really do, but lately it just seems so... boring. After much thought- I've decided that A- I'm going to rearrange my office (move my desk, put up new pictures, etc) and B- I'm going to create a schedule for work. An hour by hour TO DO list so that I won't get so bored/ran down with the same old tasks.

When I walked throught the doors of my gym today I felt the same thing- rut, rut, rut. I need new workouts ASAP. Good thing I subscribe to every freaking health and fitness magazine out there!


Tomorrow (I ran out of time today) I am going to go through my pile of old magazine and cut out some new workout moves. I'll probably try them at home so I can get the form down without feeling so self concious at the gym.

*** side note*** at my gym the "open floor/free weights/stability ball area" is always being used by personal trainers. Is it just me or does everyone else who is NOT with a personal trainer feel like they are being judged? I know I should not ever care what people think of me- especially if I am at the gym- because hell- at least I AM in a gym working out. But there is somethign about personal trainers that completely intimidate me and keep me from trying new stuff. lame i know. but this blog is about honesty right?

today's eats:
  •  bfast- 1 egg, 2 Bisquick lowfat biscuits (make with almond milk)
** I had a picture for this but it just looked so bland and blah**
  • coffee
  • snack #1- apple
    • apple crisp chips 
  • Lunch- Turkey, 1 biscuit, teeny tiny bit of mac and cheese
  • snack #2- 3 pickles
    • celery with low fat ranch (not much ranch) 
  • Dinner- Taco surprise- black beans, organic salsa, tomatoes, taco seasoning, organic corn chips, teeny tiny bit of cheese (mmmmmloadedwithdelicious)
  • Fruit/veggie count- #4.5

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