Friday, November 13, 2009

Play that funky music

I’m feeling oh-so-unoriginal today. Nothing big happened so I really do not have much to blog about. One big thing for me today (but not so exciting) is that I went back to my old gym. I’ve been working out at another gym the past two weeks and it is so nice to be back- sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came… *** Sing with me!***

I also lifted today which I haven’t done in 2 weeks. I decided to ease back into my workouts by just doing cardio. Lifting weights is way more fun though.

To get into the gym spirit I added 4 new songs to my “Move your Ass” playlist on my ipod two of them being Patron Tequila and She wolf – which totally got me pumped to workout.  Here is a snapshot of the other songs on my playlist

I HAVE to have good music to workout. The problem is that I get so tired of the songs I have so fast. Example: I made the mistake of adding Lady Gaga to my iPod when she first came out. Now I want to stab my ears every time I hear po- po- po- po-ker face – po-po-ker face!  What I really need is Pandora – Best. Invention. Ever.

Here are today’s eats:

  • Bfast- 2 egg whites, WW Arnold thins, 1 cheese, 1 coffee
  • Snack #1- Green Monster  wheat cookie

  • Lunch- plain tuna with 2 pickles 
    •  greek yogurt with Kashi granola
  • Snack #2- carrots and hummus
    • green tea
  • Dinner- WW pasta with peppers 
    • spinach salad with balsamic, pinenuts and craisins
    • 1 glass of red wine

  • Fruit/Veggie count # 6
  • Workout- Lowerbody- abs 45 mins.

I’m taking part in OhSheGlows  Whittle My Middle challenge

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