Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To run or not to run... THAT is the question

So I brought my sorry butt into work today. So silly of me to think I could miss a day- it was CAH-RAE-ZEE!

Ashley's Thoughts:
It's 5:00 
I still feel kind of poopie
this would be the 4th day of not working out
am I really that sick?
I did manage to work 8 hours
could I manage 45 min on a treadmill?
would a workout make me feel better
or worse?

One thing I enjoy about being at work is that my diet is so much better.

Today I ate things like:

And at home there is a plate full of these enticing, pink icing, chocolately cups of goodness:

Out of site out of mind.

OK- it's 5:30 now. I still don't feel well. I'm going home- no gym. Tomorrow though- it is Body Pump no matter what!

Today's Eats:

  • bfast- WW arnold thins, 1 egg, hot sauce, 1 banana
    • 2 coffees
  • Snack #1- bar pictured above
  • Lunch- Caesar salad with tbs of dressing, sun dried tomatoes, croutons (this lunch is working for me so I'm sticking with it
  • Snack #2- organic applesauce with white/green tea fusion. 
  • Dinner-
  • Veggies/Fruit: 4 so far
  • Workout- Bunkie's long walk (probably doesn't count but I'm adding it in to make me feel better)
** I'm giving up GUILT for lent. 

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  1. Hey! Great post. That salad looks yummy! I read your detox question on 20-something bloggers. I highly recommend Jucing or just eating raw for a few days. It's a great healthy way to flux out the system, while still giving your body the nutrients it needs.