Monday, February 1, 2010

ooohh she's a little runaway

Slow and steady wins the race.
Thanks Bob for whispering in my ear on Saturday.

I ran.
I didn’t stop.
Goal #1= complete.
(notice the uber red face)

It. Felt. Wonderful!

I’m choosing not to beat myself up over the fact that I was smoked by a 7 year old boy at the last mile. I had one goal- to not stop running- and I achieved it. 

My results:
Time- 30:43
Place- 199 out of 500-ish
Age Division- 15 out of 27

(Abbie ran too- he placed 60)
(I wanted my # to be in that last picture)
My next goal is to run another 5k and beat my time (I seriously hope to one day laugh at this post one day)

Lessons learned:
Must buy running shorts if you want to be a runner- I had major wardrobe malfunctions while running- not of the Janet variety- just a pair of shorts that I had to keep pulling down…. Heeyyyyy.

Today's Eats-
  • bfast- 1 ww english muffin with egg and cheese
  • shot of aloe juice
  • Snack #1- Green monster and PB Puffins
  • Lunch- Caesar salad 


  1. That's AWESOME!!!!! Way to go!! It's kind of addictive, isn't it?

  2. Getting my butt kicked by a 7 year old is not addictive- running a race kind of is though :-)