Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because she's going the DISTANCE she's going for SPEED

April 11th is the 10k.
HERE is my training schedule:

I am one week behind but I think it's OK. Last night I ran the 2.5 miles with absolutely no problems, so I am fairly confident that I will be able to maintain this schedule and run in the race. 

I've decided to buy myself a pair of new shoes.
These bad boys are ready to retire.

Today's Eats-
  • bfast- one egg, ww mini bagel, veggie sausage, apple sauce, coffee
  • Snack #1- puffins and Starbucks vanilla soy latte
  • Lunch- Leftover chicken and yellow rice- just a little, green monster
  • Snack #2- nothing
  • Dinner- scallops, ww pasta, 2 zucchinis cooked with EVOO and garlic with parmesan cheese, glass of wine (disappointed with this one- it was very bland)
  • Fruite/Veggie: 4
  • Workout: Ran 2 miles and some strength training

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck in your training and race! Is this your first race? They're lots of fun!

    Found your blog on 20sb.