Friday, March 12, 2010

Let me feed you the finest store bought frozen pizzas in town!

Weekday Recap
C2 of C3 came to visit us on Wednesday. It was so wonderful having good friends over. I miss having a girlfriend to hangout with and laugh.

I had been dying to host a dinner party but really flubbed it on this one.
When it came to deciding what to cook I simply did not have confidence to make something on my own. I'm pretty new to cooking and while Abbie says he loves everything I make... he kinda has to tell me he loves it. as it is a part of this Boyfriend Contract.

So. Sadly. This is what I offered my guests:
Along with Wheat Thins and Portwine Cheese. oh and this:
beer- not dogs. Although I did ask if they wanted to take one of them home. 

Yesterday I took Body Pump for the first time in about 2 weeks and it showed. I have renewed my commitment to taking the damn class twice a week no matter what. It is just too hard to recover when I miss a class. I'm in pain all over... but its a good hurt for sure.

I'm excited today because C1 of C3 is coming over to watch chick flicks with me and dine on my meal of choice for Fridays- popcorn and red wine. 

Today's Eats:
  • bfast- ww mini bagel, orange, coffee
  • Snack- Mary's crackers with hummus
  • Lunch- First Watch - WW wrap with mushrooms, peppers, feta cheese and spinach (bland city)
  • Snack #2- Starbuck Grande Vanilla soy latte (I recently started getting the soy lattes instead of the low fat lattes- to my surprise the soy ones taste so much better!)
  • Dinner-
  • Fruit/Veggie: 3

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  1. C3 loved the pizza! It was a perfect night hanging out with friends! Thank you for having us over.